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Full Version: Blast from the past: 2006 Donruss Elite FB Break
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This is a box from the Black Friday Sale at Blowout... I paid $29 plus $10 shipping for this box. Pretty good deal. In 2006 though, this would have been a monster box!

I'll start out with the regular inserts:
[Image: 2006Elite.jpg]

2006 Donruss Elite Passing the Torch Steve Young 206/250
2006 Donruss Elite Passing the Torch Bo Jackson 242/500
2006 Donruss Elite College Ties Jason Avant Michigan 260/500
2006 Donruss Elite Chain Reaction Matt Jones 247/250
2006 Donruss Elite Chain Reaction Fred Taylor 641/1000
2006 Donruss Elite Series Chad Johnson 76/1000
2006 Donruss Elite Zoning Commission Julius Jones 655/1000

And on to the big hits:

[Image: 2006EliteHits.jpg]

2006 Back to the Future Dan Marino/Ronnie Brown Insert 282/500
2006 Donruss Elite Peyton Manning Aspirations Die-Cut 77/82
2006 Donruss Elite Ko Simpson Rookie 247/599
2006 Donruss Elite Laurence Maroney Rookie 288/599 (He was a hot commodity in 2006)
2006 Donruss Elite Series Steven Jackson Jersey 169/299
2006 Donruss Elite Aaron Brooks Chain Reaction 3-Color Patch 51/99

Pretty fun break for $39 dlvd... that Black Friday Sale was legit! Looking forward to New Years Specials now. All FT.
Please check me for the Manning! Thanks!
Nice brooks patch