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Full Version: MJ BGS 9.5 mailday's....
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Here's a few MJ cards i have bought over the past month....
VERY happy with the ungraded cards! Gradable!!!
I still have a few SICK cards on their way, will update when they arrive!
[Image: IMG_0963.jpg]
Nastiness as usual! I love the die-cut all-stars and the championship galaxy. I pulled a championship galaxy back when I was a kid...of Kerry Kittles. Woohoo lol. That tends to be how my old-school breaks go. I beat the odds but pull somebody terrible haha (see my 97-98 Finest break, made a 1-in-4-box pull of Christian Laettner).

Love 'em keep the updates coming! really don't need any more. Save some for the rest of us, like meSmile


How many mail days was that? You get um all from the bay?