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Full Version: Why PSA?
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I don't always get my cards graded!
But if I do.... I prefer BGS Smile

Having said that, why do people grade with PSA? What is it about there service that makes people choose them over BGS?

I look at the casings and IMHO BGS is 100x more pleasing to look at and It makes me wonder why people choose PSA.

I received a PSA graded card in a trade and honestly I didn't even notice during the trade that it was graded. So I was surprised when I received it to see that it was graded. This is my first PSA card and after looking I think I'd rather have a BGS 5 then a PSA 10 of the same card. (This is nothing against the trader I got it from) Simply a thought about the companies themselves.

Let me here your opinions and which ones you guys/gals choose.
Tell me why PSA is better then BGS. Any other incentives to choose one or the other.
BGS. I have a couple PSA but thats just because they came that way. They should get rid od BCCG all together. Stacked up the BGS just look pimp.
In my personal view PSA I think garnishes more of a resale value for top grades because of name recognition and longevity. They are fairly consistent and been around for a long time.
BGS is more for the newer/younger collectors and SGC for the vintage fanatics.

My old model of how cards should be graded is as follows:
pre 1900 to 1960 SGC
1960 to 1990 PSA
1991 to present BGS

Personally Im taking a lil time off from grading (partly due to money, but mostly to let both sides cool off after a series of disagreements with some new changes at BGS). I may pick up later again, but when I do I plan to give PSA a try (I never had a membership, I just sent autograph cards that I knew BGS would label as "service unavailable"). I just dealt with them recently and they are SUPER NICE as well. I had a 1992 UDA Wilt Chamberlain Upper Deck Heroes autograph slabbed and graded, and when it came in the mail it had a lil frosted edges. I sent back and asked for it to be reslabbed and they did not have an issue with it at all.
But what about BVG for vintage cards? I'm really only basing my opinion on looks as I really like the looks of the Beckett grading services. Maybe it's the engraved look on the gold and silver bars. I don't know. I appreciate your input very much. I definitely know nothing about SGC.
BVG is just the label BGS puts on the slab if the card is before a certain date.

SGC is very good and have been at it for just as long as PSA (if not longer I think). I think the reason why they get the shaft as far as collectors go is that they do a 100 point inspection (which they also give a scale of 1-10 as well with newer submissions) and they dont hand out perfect 10's and 9.5's as often as the other 2 do. Show me one card SGC 98 or 100 (near impossible for 100) and I will show you 100 of the same card graded at a 9.5 and 10 using the other graders.
I knew BVG belonged to Beckett. Just wondering how they compare for vintage as opposed to PSA or SGC? Thanks all of you for the info so far.
I have never used PSA. I have submitted to BGS and I like them. That being said I think my next submission will be PSA (even though I think it's lame you have to join a "Club" to send cards in for grading.)

I have heard from some that PSA is better for vintage (pre 80's) cards and BGS is better for more modern cards. In fact, this is what one auction house told me when I asked their opinion on grading my 1961 Fleer and 1986 Fleer basketball sets--they said to go for PSA on the 61's and consider BGS for the 86's.

I agree on the looks of the BGS/BVG cases being better than the PSA or SGC. However, even though I don't think I would sell my collection, it is a consideration that PSA cards of the same grade do seem to sell at a premium compared to the same grades of BGS.

A quick look at recent Ebay auction listings that sold 1986 Fleer Jordan RC's:

9 PSA 10's have sold from as little as $7800 to as high as $10,000.

compared that to:

the 2 BGS 9.5's have sold for $3750 and $3950.

With that type of discrepancy I will definitely choose PSA over BGS for any cards I think of as an investment. And I might do it for some of my higher valued PC cards, simply for the fact that if I ever do need to sell my collection it seems like I can get better money for it in a PSA slab than a BGS slab.

Of course not every example is as extreme as the MJ rookie but I do see the same principle whether it be commons, stars, PSA 10 vs BGS 9.5 or PSA 9 vs BGS 9 and so on. PSA seems to command more money than equal BGS graded cards. I am basing this largely on my experience in collecting 1986 Fleer basketball but I would think it carries over to most other cards as well.

Curious to see what other posters have to say.
I prefer PSA to BGS for the following reasons:

- I dislike the way that the cards move around inside BGS cases, i.e. inside that soft penny sleeve thing.

- I dislike the bulky BGS cases and, instead, prefer the more streamlined PSA cases.

- I've heard a lot of bad stories about BGS grades being untrustworthy, e.g. open to abuse, bribes, etc. I'm not sure if this is true. But it puts me off.

- PSA look better and more of a historic part of the hobby.
First off both companies are very trustworthy and reputable. At the end of the day it's more a matter of preference.

For me, it's depends on what is am buying/submitting. I think based on my posts everyone knows I'm very big into the star co cards. As the only one of the big 3 third party graders grading these, bgs is my go to. I am big into slab consistency in my collection so all of my Star and newer baketball goes in bgs holders. From my experience they re tougher graders for three cards. There are so many MJ PsA 9 fleer rcs that wouldn't even end up in a bgs 8.5 out there.

The holder itself is way more substantial and much more tamper proof. Psa holders have major issues with being compromised and having lesser cards put in.

Subgrades are awesome in my opinion and are a really nice touch.

PSA is my choice for my older baseball. I'm an avid collector of mantle and will get into some other 50's from time to time and wouldn't think to go bgs on these. They don't have the expertise psa does and the value isn't there if there ever needs to be a sale. I also like psa for older topps basketball for the same reasons.

All in all, both are great for certain things. Modern (80s star to present basktball ) is bgs all day.. Psa is tops for older stuff, sgc for prewar.
Thanks everyone, you're definitely shedding some light on why you choose what you do.
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