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Full Version: which would you rather have?
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would you rather have a jordan 1/1 auto card or a #/25 mj,kobe,lebron on card auto
Jordan 1/1 since I don't like Lebron.
Jordan 1/1 no doubt. It's Jordan, top 3 players of all time
It all depends... if you are referring to one of those Upper Deck All Time greats or the last exquisite then I would say take the Jordan, Lebron, Kobe to /25

But, if its one those early 2000 1/1 AUTOs then I would say take it.
You COULD sell the 1/1 and get a sick auto of each player. I personally hate multiple card autos. Lets say people like Lebron and Jordan but don't like Kobe. There are lots of people like that. By having all three on one card you are eliminating a group of potential investors. Either keep the 1/1 or do what I said. Take a picture of the three auto card and I bet you'll be satisfied with that.
I personally like single player Auto cards much better. So MJ 1/1 Auto for me. However, 1/1's are tricky. They say 1/1 but most of them have different variations. Even the highly coveted Final Floor 1/1 Auto's have like 12 different variations.
as much as it would be sweet to have the jordan 1/1, i would go with the triple oncard. counting in becketts database, there are approximately 400 (i rounded up, due to possible human error, i counted in the low 390's) different jordan 1/1 autos (counting oncard and sticker), some with other players on it. There are approximately 234 (counting total print run) oncard autos that include jordan, lebron, and kobe as well as other players. There are only 118 (counting total print run) oncard autos that feature jordan, lebron, and kobe exclusively. UD will continue pumping out jordan 1/1 autos but, imo, there will never be jordan, lebron, kobe oncard autos produced again.
didnt think about them not making anymore. Good point. still like single autos better.
Don't like dual/triple/multiple autos on a card unless there is a direct and permanant correlation between players.
Just becasue Lebron and Kobe are Jordan-wantabe's, doesn't make them worthy of being on the same card as Jordan.
My Stockton/Thomas/Johnson triples are a good example...all HOF point-guards!
In the same set...Stockton/D.Williams....was going to be good, and now that D.Wil is gone from the Jazz...I would get rid of the set if it weren't for Stockton.
Dual Stockton/Malone or Malone/Jordan would be great.
I'd take the Jordan 1/1. I dont like multi player autos. I dont even want them of a player I PC.
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