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Full Version: MJ 1/1 PICK-UP
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Just got this for my collection. What do you think?

[Image: mjgold.jpg]
Oooh, very nice. Congrats. Thanks for sharing, it's an awesome looking card.
its a 1/1 mj oncard auto, in gold sharpie. my brain can not think right now, sweet pickup!!!!
Speechless. Where did you get ? eBay? show? LCS? You find it in the street?...
got it on ebay. paid 1800. dont really know if i overpaid since this is my first 1/1 mj
I was looking at that card, it's pretty sweet! Congrats!
what would you guess the grade would be?
estimation from scans on grading is really hard for any of us.
Looks to me that the bottom edge and corners are a bit worn...maybe 8.5 or 9 ?? But don't know.
taking a look again at the may indeed grade pretty high. there is some edge wear, but the corners look pretty good for a card from this set. i've busted about a case and the cards aren't coming out all that nice...this one, however, looks pretty good. but in the end, it'll all depend on your relationship with the grading company. that being said, i'd just authenticate the auto instead of grading it.

As for the price you paid, if you are happy with that, then don't even worry about anything may end up kicking yourself if you do...totally not worth the high that you are on right now.
Sick card! If you send it in to be graded...Just know that because the M is separated it won’t get a 10 auto grade. If you care about that sort of thing.

From the pic I would go with a High of 9. Might get an 8.5 because of the edge wear.

I would grade it just to have it protected and authenticated.

Once again, Awesome card!
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