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Full Version: 3 boxes of 2012 Absolute
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So I decided to buy some 2012 Absolute Football and here's what i pulled for noteworthy cards.

Trent Richardson jersey auto numbered 159/299
Jarius Wright jersey 10/99
Brock Osweiler patch 26/50
Lamar Miller Jumbo patch 5/25
Alshon Jeffery jersey auto 118/299
Tommy Streeter Spectrum Gold Auto Redemption
Ed Too Tall Jones NFL Icons auto 9/25
And for the big hit I got an Alshon Jeffery Laundry Tag auto 1/1
Not a Luck or RG3 but the 1/ is still a nice card
Congrats man if anything is for trade lmk i would be interested
nice,if the j. wright is ft plmk who you collect
Interested in the Trent if it is available.

Nice pulls!!!
Did you pull any Miles Burris at all by chance?
Nice Alshon! Not a bad haul for 3 boxes..
very cool tag
Nice to tall
Those 1/1 Laundry Tags in Absolute are always nice, grats!