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Full Version: 2 boxes 2012 Prime Signatures - 1/1 luvin'
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Stopped of at the store yesterday, just to shoot the bull and see what's on sale this week. Watching another person buying up alot of higher end stuff, I wanted to make a splash, hoping to pull something good. He's what I got:

Base cards:

Pack 1:

Dan Marino - 366/499
Mike Wallace - 059/499

Rashard Mendenhall - Emerald Prime Proof - 05/25

Pack 2:

Adrian Peterson - 124/499
Brett Favre - 445/499

Josh Cribbs - Sapphire Pime Proof - 07/49

Now, "The Hits"

Pack 2 -

[Image: 121212_0001.jpg]

And pack 1 -

[Image: 121212_0003.jpg]

[Image: 121212_0006.jpg]

It's not RGIII or Luck, but I kinda like the "Red Rifle".

Wow. So jealous. What do you plan on doing with it?
Sweet Wilson and I guess the Dalton isn't bad either. Congrats!
If the wilson is for trade i would be interested congrats on the dalton
I would love to have the Wilson if it's for trade!
Sweet dalton
damn son on the Red Rifle