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Full Version: Are you Serious
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Come on Guys, What Did you do now. All my cards are gone. Over 500,000. I think somebody goofed. I lost all cards once. I hope someone fixes there mistake. I just can't believe it has happened again.
all mine are gone again also, hope they get it fixed soon.
I don't think anyone's cards are gone, I just think the system is down and not recognizing them. At least that better be the problem!!
Not able to see my card inventory either. Hopefully it will be available soon!
mine too.... y can't becketts post n tell ppl wats goin on
folks, this happened a couple weeks ago during an upgrade...the "lost cards" obviously arent lost, and last time, it lasted all of 5 hours
cards and search are now back
Cards are showing again! Thanks for the fix Beckett.
Whew, What A Relief. Glad To See all My Cards Back. I hope you learned what you did wrong. So That this doesn't happen Again. I think we are supposed to learn From Our Mistake. Well anyway thanks for getting our cards back