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Full Version: Working on Celtics PC of Retired Numbers
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I am currently focusing my PC on collecting PSA graded 6+ (eventually 8+) of all official rookie cards for any Celtic who has their number retired. Here is what I have so far (plus one of my many Pierce RC's cause the 34 will be hanging soon).

I have a Dennis Johnson and a Tom Sanders arriving soon. It's going to stink to send out my Reggie Lewis to PSA for grading as it is such a low value card.

[Image: P1010194.jpg]
[Image: P1010195.jpg]
[Image: P1010196.jpg]
[Image: P1010201.jpg]
Very nice stuff. Wish my mchale rc looked as good as yours.
Great idea and awesome cards too. Looks like centering killed that Bird rookie...still a beautiful card either waySmile
Yeah, I wasn't too happy getting that Bird RC back. was hoping for the 8, but the centering is off.

I'm working on a Dennis Johnson, Cedric Maxwell, and Dave Cowens now. Taking care of the easy onese before dealing with the ones from the 50's which will take time to locate a graded 8 minimum, and cost big bucks...