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Full Version: HOF Collector's Mailday Thread
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I've been out of the game for over 2 years and finally got my first mail day the other day and man did it feel good. I forgot what an amazing feeling it was to have cards waiting for me. Don't get me wrong I'm not comparing it to the birth of my children or anything.

I mainly collect HOF Autos but I do enjoy collecting plain ole' RC cards mainly because when you look at the Vintage RC cards they hold value and I'm hoping in 50 years my RC's will be what Dr. J and Wilt's RC cards are today.

I'm moving away from collecting game used as I just feel the hobby is watered down with them and barring player collector's they are really hard to sell or even trade.

So without further ado here are my last months mail day. Nothing high end; no LeBron Exquisites. Sorry

Pretty off-centered but it's ok.
[Image: Mchale_RC.jpg]
Really hope this guy can come back and play like it's 2005
[Image: A_Stoudemire_RC_4.jpg]
[Image: A_Stoudemire_RC_5.jpg]
[Image: Duncan_RC.jpg]
[Image: J_KIDD_RC_4.jpg]
[Image: D_NOWITZKI_RC_4.jpg]
A couple more RC's of the Big Ticket.
[Image: K_GARNETT_RC_5.jpg]
[Image: K_GARNETT_RC_6.jpg]
[Image: Paul_RC.jpg]
Again hope you enjoyed the mail days. Probably not as much as I did. Sorry no high end stuff. Nothing is for trade unless there is really something you just can't live without....I doubt it.
I will have a bunch more cards in a few days that will be for trade so I'l post them here. Thanks.
A couple RCs from my first ever player collection. Sold most of the Autos but still missing a few of his RC's
[Image: V_Carter_RC_9.jpg]
[Image: V_Carter_RC_10.jpg]
[Image: K_DURANT_RC_4.jpg]
Really think this guy has talent but his attitude seems to be holding him back.

Autos for HOF Collection
My first Rodman AU although I had to give up my Bill Walton Auto for it but I'm sure TBarn will be happy with the Walton and will give it a good home.
[Image: D_Rodman_AU.jpg]
My first triple AU for the collection.
[Image: TripleSig.jpg]
Welcome back!! You haven't missed a whole me. Love your pick ups as well. Keep them coming.
Always nice to get back to the simple things of a collection Wink
Nice mail day to get you back into the hobby. Boy, that McHale brings back some memories.
I love the Duncan, but for me it's the Kidd that brings back the memories.
Some more stuff.
A couple more RC's from my boy Vinsanity
[Image: V_Carter_RC.jpg]
[Image: V_Carter_RC2.jpg]

I was yet to pick up any of the RC's of the last 2 years. So finally got me some. Again nothing special.
[Image: A_DAVIS_RC.jpg]
[Image: D_COUSINS_RC-1.jpg]
[Image: J_WALL_RC.jpg]
[Image: J_WALL_RC_2.jpg]
I heard this guy is pretty good!
[Image: D_LILLARD_RC2.jpg]
[Image: D_LILLARD_RC.jpg]

And now the Autos. Most are for trade. I'll post in the trade board as well.
Raymond Felton
[Image: R_FELTON_AU.jpg]
Richard Hamilton
[Image: R_HAMILTON_AU_2.jpg]
Rick Mahorn
[Image: R_MAHORN_AU.jpg]
Thaddeus Young
[Image: T_YOUNG_AU.jpg]
[Image: C_BOOZER_AU_2.jpg]
Big Al
[Image: A_JEFFERSON_AU.jpg]

These are all compliments of Ping. Thanks again for the trade.
[Image: T_McGrady_RC_Graded.jpg]

And one HOFer. I already have one so I'm debating which one to keep.
[Image: D_ISSEL_AU.jpg]
Thank you buddy, I got a lot of stuff for my pc.
Nice stuff! Keep it up.