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I was hoping I could get all the loyal hockey guys here to participate in a showoff thread. I want everyone to post their top 10 best or favorite cards from their player or team collections. I know we have some serious collections here of certain players and/or teams, so go ahead and browse your scans to show us some nice hockey cards. I will post my Kopitar top 10 after a few replies. This thread can hopefully be a cool way to organize those long, multi-page threads covering our player/team pc's into the ones you are most proud of. Thanks ahead of time to all who reply Smile
10. [Image: IMG_1399.jpg]
9. [Image: IMG_1769_zps09d8f61f.jpg]
8.[Image: IMG_1877.jpg]
7. [Image: IMG_1876.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1873.jpg]
6. [Image: IMG_1779.jpg]
5. [Image: IMG_1294-Copy.jpg]
4. [Image: IMG_2156-Copy.jpg]
3. [Image: IMG_1422.jpg]
2. [Image: IMG_2216.jpg]
1. [Image: IMG_2201.jpg]
I've got a couple that should be in this week. When they come in, I'll post up.
Wow Neilfan those Luxury Suite patches are amazing and love the fight strap! Congrats. I shall post my top 10 but might take me some time choosing only 10 isn't going to be easy
Simon Despres, in no particular order

[Image: img198.jpg]

[Image: img548.jpg]

[Image: img545.jpg]

[Image: img534.jpg]

[Image: img537.jpg]

[Image: img547.jpg]

[Image: img486-1.jpg]

[Image: img546.jpg]

[Image: img538.jpg]

[Image: img618.jpg]

BRETT HULL - in no particular order

Old School Hard To Find Auto
[Image: 1991-92UpperDeckBrettHullHeroesAuto.jpg]

Can't Go Wrong With The Gretzky On The Card
[Image: 2001-02UDPremierCollectionDualJerseysw-G...xx-100.jpg]

Piece of Hockey Net. Just Think Its Unique
[Image: 2001-02VanguardMemorabiliaNET.jpg]

A Stanley Cup Patch
[Image: 2008-09ITGUltimateMemorabiliaBaseCardSilver.jpg]

Dual Auto With Dad
[Image: 2007-08ITGUltimateMemorabiliaDualAutow-B...erd-24.jpg]

Jersey Card With Dad's Auto
[Image: 2003-04PacificExhibitTimeWarpJersey.jpg]

Cool Looking Piece of Glove - 2 Colors + Stitching
[Image: 2001-02UDMaskCollectionGreatGloves.jpg]

Stick #'d/10
[Image: 2011-12CertifiedStickEmDieCutsd-xx-10.jpg]

USA Emblem #'d/10
[Image: 2006-07ITGInternationalIceEMBLEMd-1.jpg]

Jersey, Stick, And Auto #'d/25
[Image: 2000-01SPxWinningMaterialsAutograph.jpg]
Ok here we go.

[Image: IMG_20121211_105311.jpg]
My boy Barry Brust. You're gonna see a lot of him in this post.

[Image: IMG_20121211_105259.jpg]
Many will remember the steamer in my box...

[Image: IMG_20121211_105324.jpg]
Barry again...

[Image: IMG_20121211_105219.jpg]
Not a card, but a nice autographed ticket stub from Justin Schultz

[Image: IMG_20121211_105424.jpg]
Wait a minute? That's football! That's right, and it's my boy Danny Watkins. Nicest guy ever.

[Image: IMG_20121211_105433.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20121211_105338.jpg]
This is the one I was waiting for. That patch is NASTY.

[Image: IMG_20121211_105400.jpg]
I like this patch better than the one on his brother.

[Image: IMG_20121211_105414.jpg]
This card is the most I have ever spent on a single...and I didn't even hit $30

...and the one that has stayed with me through thick and thin. The first real RC I ever pulled...


[Image: IMG_20121211_105239.jpg]

That's right, a Pro-Set card is my number one! How ghetto is that?

...and the one that has stayed with me through thick and thin. The first real RC I ever pulled...


[Image: IMG_20121211_105239.jpg]

That's right, a Pro-Set card is my number one! How ghetto is that?

Ghetto maybe...Awesome definitely. My favourite card of all time is my 1984 O-Pee-Chee Ozzie Smith. Why? My dad was leaving to work in St. Louis for over a month and the morning he was leaving he bought me a pack of cards at the convenience store. It was the first card in the pack and a St. Louis star to boot. All time favourite does not have to equal high BV or flashy autos. Its just that , your favourite.
[Image: kopitarCupPropertyOf3_zps24a226a1.jpg]

[Image: kopitarOPCPremierPenmanshipGold.jpg]

[Image: kopitarMVPSuperScript.jpg]

[Image: kopitarTitaniumSixStarMem2.jpg]

[Image: kopitarUCSignatureLogo.jpg]

[Image: kopitarEliteMaterialsSignaturePatch.jpg]

[Image: kopitarBeehiveGoldgmmt.jpg]

[Image: kopitarRobitailleDominionSilverEnsignsDualShield.jpg]

[Image: KopitarUltraIceMedalliongmmt.jpg]

[Image: kopitarBlackdualpatches1of1.jpg]

Extremely hard picked 10 considering I started with at least 20 as my favorites. This 10 above is in no particular order.
10.[Image: 036.jpg]
9.#"d 99[Image: IMG_0001-9.jpg]
8.[Image: 008-1.jpg]
7.[Image: 001-10.jpg]
6.#"d 99
5.[Image: IMG_0003-7.jpg]
4.#"d 99 [Image: IMG-3.jpg]
3.#"d 99 [Image: IMG-11.jpg]

3.[Image: IMG_0001-5.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0003-3.jpg]

1. even though it not stamkos it is the man who helped bring him to my hometown team of tampa and it was the first MASSIVE pull of my sons collecting life when he was 4
[Image: 019-7.jpg]

[Image: 003-8.jpg]
and we made beckett
[Image: 054-2.jpg]

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