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Full Version: Some where..over the rainbow: HOF Triple autos! Thomas/Stockton/Johnson (duals added)
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What a surprise I had when I started digging through my box of "saves" that I haven't organized for 3 years! I just picked up the Blue, and thought to myself (and old list) that now I'm only missing the Black and Magenta!
Guess I was wrong:

[Image: 100_9866.jpg]
[Image: 100_9867.jpg]
Very nice, thanks for sharing.
Those are really cool looking! A lot of dedication compiling those...CONGRATS!!
absolutely gorgeous! congrats.
You can't go wrong with 3 of the top PGs of all times. Great cards!
Thanks! Goes great with this set too!
[Image: Black.jpg][Image: Blue.jpg]
[Image: Magenta.jpg][Image: Yellow.jpg]
[Image: Gold9of9.jpg][Image: silver1of5.jpg]