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Full Version: 1 Box of Certified
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Kind of a blah box... until the 2nd to last pack.
[Image: ry%3D400]
[Image: ry%3D400]

My first Luck Auto. First box of Certified too.
Sick hit man, sweet lookin card!
That's how my box of Certified was. 3 junk GUs and last pack BOOM! RGIII AU!

Congrats on the sweet hit!
After the first three gu I was expecting egnew or turbin or something, it was a great surprise.
wow....thats sweet ....congrats on the sweetness
Nice hit.....Congrats
Nice card, good box, congrats.
Sweet luck
same way my box was this year. no luck or rg3 though. got wilson though.

steve johnson mirror red relic
chris cooley mirror red relic
lamar miller rc materials jersey
russell wilson freshman fabric dual jersey auto /499 *redemption*