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Full Version: 1 Box 2012 R&S , 1 Chrome Blaster, 28 Black Friday packs. Big Hits
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Well, It has been nearly a year since the last time I bought a box, loose packs, or retail. Black Friday hooked me in again this year, and I just couldn't help myself. There are no LCS's near me so I opted to buy a box of over-priced R&S through Panini. To get my 8 BF packs...I paid for 2 day express mail and it took 8 days to get to me...Which i wasn't happy about. So I complained to the company and they sent me 20 more packs....which i just got in today. Last night in anticipation of my 20 BF packs I bought a Chrome blaster while at Walmart. I have to say, I wasn't too happy with the R&S but the rest definitely made up for it....No scans right now, but I'll lay it all out for ya. Smile

2012 R&S
I Beat the odds and got 3 autos out of this box. As well as 2 men cards.
The first 2 autos #/d 999 Davin Meggett (WHO?) and Dont'a Hightower


True Blue Rookie Materials T.J. Graham /399

Ministers of Defense A J Hawk /199

Rookie Materials Autograph /499 Brock Osweiler

Longevity Parallels of Ronnell Lewis and MJD - Pennants of Patriots, 49ers and Tom Brady

Not too happy with the R&S despite beating the odds and getting an extra hit.

Now on to the 2012 Topps Chrome Blaster - Once again I beat the odds. Hardly any base veteran non refractor cards - 8 to be exact.

Tannehill Tallboy
I forget which are which but I also got a Osweiler and Sanu throwback card

Adrien Peterson XFractor
Patrick Willis Refractor
Dwight Bentley XFractor
Orson Charles Refractor

RC's - Cordy Glenn, Bernard Pierce, Billy Winn, Marvin Jones, Ronnie Hillman, Vick Ballard, Andre Branch, Janoris Jenkins, Jonathan Martin

Oh yeah and an RGIII

Also pulled a Red Demarco Murray refractor 22/25 Big Grin

And did I mention my Rookie Relic card was RGIII? Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin It has a pretty good BV for a card that reads "The relic contained in this card is not from any specific game, event or season"

I think this blaster was perhaps better than the R&S....

But why am I still babbling? You really want to know what I got in my BF packs. So without further adieu...

Base - Eli Manning, Aaron Rodgers X2 , Peyton Manning, Kevin Durant, Jeter, Cabrera, Pujols, Strasburg x2. Forget what the hockey were because I gave them to my roommate, which is pretty much the case for all the hockey cards....

Thanksgiving - Rob Gronkowsk

HD + cards - Tebow, Ray Lewis, Cam Newton X2 , Kobe, Biz Markie, Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Quick

Kings - Russell Wilson, Jim Brwon, Morris Claiborne, Joe Namath, Blackmon, Richardson, Kidd-Gilchrist X2 , Austin Rivers x2 Mike Trout x2 Yu Darvish, Ryan Tatusko, Gordie Howe

RCs - Yu Darvish, Michael Floyd, Kyrie Irving x2 /599

No Lucks, or RGIII's But pretty happy with the rest that follows...

Cracked Ice HD + cards - Andrew McCutchen, Jonathan Quick /25

Blank Back Magenta John Riggins Gridiron Kings /5

Morris Claiborne - NFL DRAFT jersey card 1 color white

Lamar Miller New Era hat card - 1 color green with one of the 6 eyelets getting nicer.....

Austin Rivers Hat Card - piece of the fluer de lis from the logo


Kobe Bryant Jumbo Jersey card 1 color purple

and wait....did I mention.....

Wes Welker SuperBowl XLVI pylon card. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Nothing FT at the moment....My ORG is all messed up from tons of ebay sales. Most of these will prob wind up on there so I can recoup some of the money I spent on a LaMarr Woodley autographed football yesterday.

Thanks for looking. Will prob add some pictures tomorrow. But I'm all typed out at the moment.
Nice hits congrats
Very nice my friend! Good to see you posting again.
It's nice to bust open some cards again Wink

The year off has given me a bit of a different perspective on card collecting. I don't think I'm ever gonna go ape-poop and buy several boxes at once, but I'm looking forward to slowly easing back in. I find it helpful that Bosco's isn't 3 miles down the road!