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Full Version: 2012 Sports Town and Triple Threads
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Picked up two boxes and the lcs trade night. Did ok on the Sports Town and only wanted a mini box of the ttt but the guy behind the counter rang me up a full box and I am ok with the results. Thanks for looking.

[Image: boxbreaks-2-1-1.jpg]

[Image: boxbreaks1-1-1.jpg]

The Osweiler #/75 Turner #/36 the Muscle Hamster #/99! and the triple is #/9 Big Grin
wow man nice triple auto!!!
WOW!!!! Awesome triple auto!!!!!
Sweet triple. Congrats!
sick triple and martin
Geez, Jeff! You killed it on the Triple Threads! Can't imagine a better box really, with the triple and the Dougie.
thanks for incorrectly ringing up my purchase LCS owner!!!
Man that triple auto is SWEET!
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