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Full Version: How to sell? in Lots or singles
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I have a 10-15 Jordan inserts and base cards that I want to sell. Would it be best to sell as a lot and pay one fee or list separate and hope for a few bidding wars.
probably depends on which inserts. if they're high end ones probably better to do those individually and maybe throw base together. just my opinion
I love doing singles.
As already stated by bballfrk44, if the inserts are high end then it will be worth selling them individually. However if the cards book for a few bucks or so each, then a lot would be the best bet. A good idea when selling on eBay is to check the completed listings and active listings for the card(s) you want to sell. It will give you a good idea on whether they are selling well or not selling at all. If the cards have been selling well individually then that is the best way to go, however if they don't seem to garner much bids or sell below what you would want then they are probably best to put in a lot. Good luck in however you decide to sell.