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Full Version: Panini Peek: 2012-13 Preferred Basketball
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Amazing product! Panini getting it done!

[Image: ifr42c.jpg]

You’d be hard pressed to find any collector who didn’t find 2011-12 Preferred Basketball to be one of the sports card world’s most outstanding new releases last season. Thanks to a captivating array of Silhouettes Signatures and colorful die-cut Panini’s Choice and Crown Royale autographs, Preferred was a welcome addition in a nontraditional, product-shortened NBA season.
But now that the 2012-13 season is in full swing (both on the court and in the hobby), Panini America officials are ready to begin working on a new-and-improved Preferred that will return the best parts of that debut release and one dramatic new addition: Rookie Cards.

The result should be another landmark NBA launch in a season full of them.
Due out in early March, 2012-13 Preferred Basketball once again will deliver a big-ticket thrill ride in every four-card box that features three autographs and one six- or eight-player booklet card. Every autograph in the set will be numbered to 99 or less and the autograph checklist includes more than unique 250 signers.
The product also will continue Panini America’s massive and historic Double Rookie Class, but with a unique twist in which each rookie will appear on three distinctly different autographed Rookie Card subsets: Rookie Silhouettes, Panini’s Choice and Crown Royale.
We’ll have tons more to showcase on 2012-13 Preferred Basketball in the coming weeks and months right here on The Knight’s Lance. But for now, enjoy this first extended look at the product:

The NEW Silhouettes! Big Grin

[Image: 2lwatdd.jpg]

So what do you think about this product?

Me personally, I like the first years' Silhouettes better.... but that's just my taste. I am very excited that they made this brand again! I am hoping that the design of the Silhouettes for retired players are different though, because that design to me is more for the newer rookies... and I would prefer(for my taste) to have a more simple design for the retired players like last years' Silhouettes. Don't get me wrong, I still think they look AMAZING!!! But my favorite still stands with last years. But an amazing product all around imo. Very good job Panini, keep up the great work.

As far as people saying the look the same? Well... some cards do, like the Choice(aka triangle) cards, booklets. But the Silhouettes(best card in the brand) are totally different! Am I going blind or missing something here?? Check at that Kobe auto... totally new design and very beautiful card. This brand once again will be a hit! Hopefully they keep making this brand year after year. I will continue to collect Silhouettes of the first year(2011-12) and hope that future releases will catch my eye... Again, the Silhouettes do look amazing, but I prefer the first years better. Not to say I won't pick up a rookie or two from the new Silhouettes, because they are very pretty looking cards.

Happy collecting!

~ Giovanni
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Amazing product! Panini getting it done!

[Image: ifr42c.jpg]

The 2011-12 Preferred was one of the first products I got into opening after coming back to the hobby. It is one of my favorites and I can't wait to get the new stuff. I liked the Simple Silhouettes design from last year better but I love the addition of RCS! Can't WAIT!
Idk. 250 player autohraphs sounds like a lot of chances for me to pull even more crap. Those of ypu with good luck dont understand. But people like me would rather see a more refined autograph player list. I grew up watchin nba in the 80's and some of the autos panini comes out with ive barely heard of. If i want a bernard king or alvan adams or sidney moncrief auto i can buy one on ebay. Thats not what i want to pull out of a brand new product. I can only speculate until the checklist comes out. I most likey wont spend over $100 on 4 cards when theres like a 1 in 25 chance of getting a good card worth my money.
Im not sure what the excitement is about honestly. This is the only product i didnt biy last year. F you dont get a silhoette patch or a patch book, ypud be lucky to get $20 on the secondary unless you got a big name auto. And even those arent enough to pay for a box.. especially the booklets. I dont get why people like them. First they are usually just jerseys not patches second they are hard to store/display and third they didnt even match the jersey with some of the players team in the picture on card. Plus none are auto. Give me something to chance for almost $200 please. Since mj and lebron are out of the question and since there are roughly 3,000,000,000,000 kobe autos out there now. So yeah you wouldnt be to hard presses to find a collector who is not excited about preferred. Im right here.