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Full Version: You've asked for it, so here it is
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Just a few pics of my Jordan collection. Clearly I need a better scanner but here they are anyway...

To start off, some of the few graded cards in my collection:

[Image: Buyback.jpg]

[Image: EpicSignatures.jpg]

[Image: Ovation.jpg]

[Image: Classic61.jpg]

And now for some of my favourite autographed cards:

[Image: Sign.jpg]

[Image: Superstar2.jpg]

[Image: Superstar1.jpg]

[Image: Shoe.jpg]

[Image: Winning.jpg]

[Image: jersey.jpg]

This is just a start and if you like them, there will be more coming...
Holy cow. What a collection
Wow. I can only imagine the time and money it took to gather those. Very nice!
WOW. That very first pic was easily my favorite. I had no idea they ever did a buyback auto of his 95-96 SP card, but that measly base card is my favorite MJ; great picture, great set design, it's just an amazing card.

I keep trying to find it in a BGS 10 to do it justice, but that buyback auto trumps that 100x over! Unbelieveable stuff keep it coming!
It was worth the wait; nice collection.
My Nissan Sentra SER SPEC-V for those/...

I'm pretty much speechless.

Can't believe it took so song for you to come around to the site and introduce yourself and your collection...
Very nice! That Sign of the Times MJ Auto is one of the best 90's Auto period. A definite keeper.

Got any rare inserts? Share please!
Man i wish they would do the shoe thing again. Absolutely awesome collection!
WOW!!!... is it even legal to have that many MJ autos?
Wow sweet stuff!

I love the 1/1 buyback the most.

But I personally would never buy a bubbly or faded auto especially on a high end card.
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