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Full Version: Sportstown x3. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!
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Good thing I just went to get some soft sleeves. By far my best HIT of the year.

[Image: 001-37.jpg]

Signed 3 this way.
[Image: 002-20.jpg]

So I new this was a GREAT hit to begin with but when I got home and found out there are 2 different colors shirt versions red and grey I was SUPER STOKED! Then when I found out he has 9 of his 16 non plate autos are red ink or inscription leaving 7 cards with just his auto my jaw hit the damn floor!!!!

[Image: 003-20.jpg]

Big Grin

Thanks for stopping in.
Holy smokes!
(12-01-2012, 12:56 AM)jkiddlridnour Wrote: [ -> ]Holy smokes!
Kinda close to what I said..Big Grin
Hide the 1st Toon before Wendy sees! lol

Very awesome couple of boxes! Especially the Luck and the Toon Inscriptions!
Nice hit buddy!
Zowie!! you were right that is a Jumbo!! nice going my friend! good looking cards too IMO
on a side note..Nephew's Varsity team lost first B-Ball game 68-58..
Awesome pulls!!!
WOW! Congratulations on the monster hit, mik!!! Some great looking cards you've got right there. Nice to see the force is with you.
Good stuff bro! Congrats on the break!

Also, are both Fleeners #42/xxx? Weird!
(12-01-2012, 01:28 AM)jdetter23 Wrote: [ -> ]Hide the 1st Toon before Wendy sees! lol
He doesn't need that first one, he got the inscription!!!

Shut the front door is right!!! Congrats on the monster pull with the Luck Mik!!! Awesome! You deserve it!!!!
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