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Full Version: 8 Black Friday Packs. Jumbo Patch!
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Ordered a box of R&S from Panini to get 8 Black Friday Packs. The box will become kindling for the Xmas fire haha.

Black Friday Packs:

Black Holofoil: RGIII, Sydney Crosby and Darren McFadden

Kings: Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Justin Blackmon, Trent Richardson, Yu Darvish and Mike Trout

Rookies/599: Trevor Bauer and Harrison Barnes

Base: RGIII(Thanksgiving) Gronk, Tyler Seguin, Alex Ovechkin and Megatron

Oh and...
Cam Newton Jumbo Jersey Patch! Looks like it's the "O" from his nameplate. It's sweet! So glad I got something nice. Seen people open tons of these and get basic jersey or hat swatches as their hit.

Pic in my Bucket.
Nice Cam
Sick newton