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Full Version: 8 Black Friday Packs, 1 R&S . WOW
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Got a box of Rookie and Stars from Panini so that I could get the 8 free black friday packs hoping to hit a Luck. This has been the best box ever. Im still in shock a little...

Black Friday packs :

photo 3

photo 2

Now, Im not sure about that Kobe, it has a blank back.. Any insight would be appreciated. Now on to the box of Rookie and Stars. My girlfriend said she wanted to help open the packs, so we split the box in half. Here is my hit
photo copy 2


photo copy
Andrew Luck

She is my good luck charm! Thanks for looking.
Very nice congrats
Kobe is a test shot card I believe, out of 5.
Nice, LMK if the Griffin or Morris are for trade, thanks!
(11-30-2012, 02:53 PM)HenneFan007 Wrote: [ -> ]Kobe is a test shot card I believe, out of 5.
Ok cool, thanks. I tried searching the web but couldn't find anything on it .
Great Kobe and luck
Awesome pulls. That Luck JSY/AUTO is huge!! One just sold on the Bay for about $160!!
Great stuff. Both autos out of the R&S were solid and then the Kobe to top it off! Congrats!
Way to get Luck-y with your girlfriend, haha! Nice stuff!