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Full Version: 2012 topps triple threads -- 12 boxes
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busted 12 boxes of 2012 topps triple threads football...shoulda stopped after the third as i got a huge pull then...but couldn't help myself and now have to pretty much sell em all to make my money back so i can bust's what i got...

RG3/Michael Floyd/Doug Martin Patch #1/1

Doug Martin Patch Auto Gold #3/10

Nick Foles Patch Auto White Whale #1/1

and the biggest pull i've had in...well...quite possibly the biggest pull i've ever had...

Andew Luck, RG3, Ryan Tannehill, Trent Richardson, Doug Martin, and David Wilson Jersey Auto Book #10/18 (gold)...#10...RG3's number!!!

This product is usually feast or famine...and at least this time I was on the feasting side...But, as I said, all are for sale on the bay...during the first listing I will not be taking any offers. If they don't sell, then I'll entertain offers on the second listing.
Congrats, those are all monsters!!
those are some sweet pulls...congrats and good luck on the sales....
Very nice. congrats on those monsters
Wow man nice booklet!!! did you pull any elway parallels other than the one /989? If you did plmk, could use them. Congrads again!
Awesome pulls. LMK if anything is up for trade.

Congrats again!!!!
Big time pulls. That booklet is amazing.
Awesome booklet! Too bad David Wilson had to be on there Wink

You got some really solid cards in those boxes!
Just drooled all over my desk ty for sharing SICK stuff