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Full Version: How do you guys add doubles?
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I know an easy way is to go into organize and simply increase the "Have" from 1 to a 2, for example. But what I'm referring to is when you are trying to add a lot at one time. Let's say for example you break a box today and sort them in number order, enter them all in and you are good to go.

Next week, you get another box of the same type and need to enter those in, the website doesn't seem smart enough to know that you already have a card entered in when you want to add to organize and increase the quantity by one. So, do you guys go through everything and check to see if you already have it and and then increase by one manually, then go back and add the non-doubles?

Just looking for your advice, thanks in advance,
- Steve
Here's what I do -

Using your example, say I'm entering a blaster box of 2012 Topps Update and I know I already have some in my organize.

I open 2 tabs in my browser - one to my organize, and one where I search for 2012 Topps Update so I can start adding them.

If you look at the far right icon on the search page, it will show normally for any cards you don't already have in your org, and will be greyed out/dimmed for cards that you DO have already.

So once I've sorted the cards, I'll start adding them to my org from the search screen. If I come across a card with the icon greyed out I switch over to my organize tab, find the card and update the quantities there.
Great idea, thanks for the tip! I will use that from here on out!

If I only have a few to add, I do it similar to ceocards. If it will be a lot, I just add the entire set to the appropriate folder in organize. I will then just go down the line and update all my quantities. I then sort by haves which put all the 0 have cards to the top and move them to trash. Works pretty well for me.