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Full Version: birthday break and Black Friday packs
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Got a nice surprise from the wife for my birthday, a gift certificate to the cardboard store.

Loose packs of '12 Gridiron and a box of '12 Chrome from a little bit ago:

[Image: birthdayandblackfridayhits_0001.jpg]

Adams 71/299
Pead 69/299
Fleming 31/499
Chrome had a some nice refractors, a Black Ryan, Camo Turbin, don't recall whop else. Gridiron sucked.

Box of '11 Absolute from last week

[Image: birthdayandblackfridayhits_0002.jpg]

Batch 15/50
Robinson 185/299
Rudolph 88/299
Young 1/10
Harvin 3/5 (!)
Friday stuff:

Box of '11 Absolute

[Image: birthdayandblackfridayhits_0003.jpg]

DJ Williams 104/299
Aaron Williams 172/399 (for RW34?)
Manning 4/5 (!)
Jernigan 287/299
Bettis 24/25 - I think the yellowish piece in the corner is from the adhesive backing, IDK. Not screened jersey.
Miller 16/25

Box of '11 Contenders

[Image: birthdayandblackfridayhits_0004.jpg]

Foster Playoff Ticket 40/99

'11 Plates and Patches

[Image: birthdayandblackfridayhits_0005.jpg]

Havili 64/100
Sherminator 77/199
Forte 3/50
Torrey 33/50
Flacco 26/299
Newton 87/299

Those got me 20 BF packs:

[Image: birthdayandblackfridayhits_0006.jpg]

Darvish 424/599
Bauer 386/599
Moore 505/599 and the Cracked Ice
Lots of other Gridiron, Court, Diamond and Rink Kings

[Image: birthdayandblackfridayhits_0007.jpg]

Wright just says "player worn material"
Wilson hat
Bryant equipment bag - really?
Sullinger hat - GO BUCKS
Brockers auto
Wade 2/5 (!)
Thanks for looking!
I'll take the Bryant if it's for trade. Thanks!

Nice breaks!
Thanks Demon, I'm really happy with everything I pulled.
Do you have any Buckeyes? Laurinaitis, Jenkins, Hawk, Beanie or Heyward?
nice stuff!
plmk if the percy,rudolph and von miller autos are ft?
Great stuff my friend. LOTS OF COLOR and a few skins as well. LOTS OF FUN!!!!
Interested in the Rudolph and Harvin
Very Nice Break!!!
I'd like a shot at the Bryant too! If he doesn't have anything i'll take a look.
I love last years Absolute, especially with the price continuing to drop( Think BO has it for like 94 now). I think ya did fairly well with them! Any chance in the black friday packs ya got a Harrison Barnes base?

Oh and beautiful Cam Big Grin
Love shot at von miller !
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