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Full Version: Colorful Break of 1 Hobby Box + 2 Blaster + 1 Rack Pack 2012 Topps Chrome
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Had a few stops today doing some errands and some gift buying for kiddos and wifey ...Wallet right now is sore but everyone goes home happy . Kids got some toys from Toys R us ... cant resist to pick up a blaster box

which i guess is just alright

No biggie but managed to get a Black Refractor

[Image: new0002.jpg]

then i decided to stopped buy Best Buy to pick up an IPAD for wifey ... Target is across so i picked up 1 Rack Pack and a Blaster

Rack Pack showed some nice colorful hits

Nice Colors here Smile!

[Image: new0007.jpg]

Then the Blaster

then the better hits of the blasterWink

[Image: new0005.jpg]

so far so good

then on my way home i dropped by my LCS to pick up 1 Hobby Box ... This is the same case where in i pulled my Bernard Pierce Auto Patch

Spoiler Alert : This box got some nice colors :devil:

So not to spoil the fun heres what i got

Prism Hit

[Image: new0011.jpg]

Heres where it gets a bit of interesting

[Image: new0015.jpg]

Red .... LOL !!! .... Red Zone ....

[Image: new0013.jpg]

CAMO ....

[Image: new0017.jpg]

BLUE !!!!

[Image: new0012.jpg]

PINK !!!!

[Image: new0014.jpg]

AND .........

BLACK !!!!!!!!Smile!




[Image: new0016.jpg]

And of course the Auto Big Grin

[Image: new0018.jpg]

THanks for Looking ...
Wow man!!!! Nice haul! great stuff
Let me know if any of that stuff is for trade, I'd say you did pretty well
Sweeet!!! Congrats on your Luck!

LMK if the Earl and the Pink will be for trade!
Sick black luck