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Full Version: 3-Box Prime Signatures!! LUCK-Y
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JK I DIDN'T GET ANYTHING GOOD! I just have to rant a bit. My LCS has a "rip party" every once in a while, with door prizes, all that kind of good stuff. I bought 3 boxes, $180. The guy in front of me pulled the weeden shield auto 1/1. Wow. FLASHBACK: Last rip party, the guy behind me pulled an RGIII rookie premiere auto. UNFLASHBACK! I was one of two people to only pull sticker auto's. The other guy besides me won a trent richardson signed photo. About 1/3 of the people there won a prize, and the last time I won a prize at a rip party was 5 years ago. I just have no luck guys. I would be lucky to get $6 in total for the auto's. It's like this every time I open a box, not just a rip party. I haven't gotten a hit valued over $50 in over a year. (I open a box every month or so). I'm getting sick of it! It's just not fair! My auto's-

Andre Branch /199-WHO????
Dont'a hightower /199- Another defensive guy... great.
Last: Jared Crick REDEMPTION /49... panini just had to rub salt in the wound with another redemption... didn't they? So three sticker auto's of rookie defensive guys that will probably be on the practice squad in a couple of years. Thanks panini! I hate you!

Btw, if anyone needs them, I just want some kind of tradebait. Like a 2012 rookie preferably an offensive guy.
Interested in hightower
I am interested in the crick
(11-17-2012, 08:59 PM)bamamania89 Wrote: [ -> ]Interested in hightower
didn't see anything I need.
(11-17-2012, 09:07 PM)husker 101 Wrote: [ -> ]I am interested in the crick
PM sent thanks!
Interested in branch and Hightower
Interested in hightower, check my org.
Sorry buddy
Yeah that does suck.....I guess try spending $180 on some nice singles. It is definetly funner to bust wax but I hate looking back and wishing I just would have bought one really nice card worth the price I spent on boxes....Sigh Better luck next time.