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Full Version: 2012 Press pass HOF Legends.
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Gave this a shot. Not sure I will try any others for the price they cost but still kinda of a cool idea.

[Image: 001-54.jpg]

Can't complain about to red inks in one break. Smile

Thanks for looking.
Nice! I've been watching some of these go by on the bay... I like them, but didn't realize they were sport mixing. Wink
The Shell is awesome! Not a bad break my friend.
Yea that Shell is great and double red not bad my friend
Thank you folks. Really stoked with the Shell auto. My 1st of his.
Nice, those are kinda cool. Not sure about a mixed sports set but that might be fun
Not bad ! the Shell auto! You are the king of the Red inks!!!
Thanks folks. Really stoked with the Shell as well. Just hope donovan signed as well.