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Full Version: 1 Walmart box of 2012 Chome + 1 Pack = Money Back!
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Picked up a Walmart retail box of 2012 Topps Chrome... here are the hits:
Walmart Exclusive jersey - Xfractor Nick Toon jersey 45/99
Dwyane Allen Tall Boy RC - Wrong Colt!
Robert Turbin - Die Cut Red Zone Rookies
Ryan Tannehill Rc - Demarco Murry - Refractors
Jermichael Finley - Xfractor
Joe Adams - Bernard Pierce - Retro Rookies
Camo Boarder Derek Wolfe (From the 1 pack purchased coincidently enough on Veterns Day) 165/499
RC - Derek Wolfe, Justin Blackmon, Chandler Harnish (Wrong Colt again), Courtney Upshaw, Dan Herron, Devier Posey, Devon Wylie, Eric Legrand, Bruce Irvin, Kevin Zeiler, Bernard Piece

So... your thinking... isn't there normally 2 Xfractors per though retail boxes (Ok, highly doubt anyone was thinking that...) but if you were you would be right! This time the RIGHT Colt

Andrew Luck Xfractor RC - Good Times

Sorry for no scans... Photobucket is "new" and the link in it don't work to upload... and neither does the link to "Switch back to the old Photobucket" - IT Epic Fail

Thanks for looking!
Nice cards!!! I'd be happy w/ that box too
Nice luck congrats
Nice luck
Sold the Luck and used the cash to buy another box...

Colts Autograph... again, wrong Colt...

Coby Fleener base auto. Cool card.. probably going to my Dad for Xmas!