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Full Version: 2 cases chrome Luck-y Case GG RG3x3
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Well been a while since ive posted here.Did a gb of 2 cases of Chrome.
Also in an epic 8 box case of gridiron gear,besides my pulls it yielded a Peyton Manning auto/15 as well.The lucks to be graded and available afterwards.RG3's available now.Enjoy!Smile
Lucks -
1957 Design - 2 of each variation
1965 Design (Tall Boys) - 2
1984 Design - 3
Refractor - 1
Red Zone DieCut Red - 1
Base RCs - 8
[Image: rcsinsertsluck.jpg]

[Image: luckback.jpg]
[Image: 1957luckfront.jpg]
and heres the rg3's and suchSmile
[Image: IMG_4212.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4213.jpg]
not pictured the rg3 triple gued
than this guySmile
[Image: IMG_4217.jpg]
and heres the rest for now.....
[Image: redemptions2.jpg]
[Image: redemptions.jpg]
[Image: redemptions3.jpg]
Nice luck throwback auto
heres the last few i missed........needless to say the grid. gear was a monster for the product and only 8 boxs
[Image: IMG_0002.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0001.jpg]
[Image: IMG-2.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4211.jpg]
Nice haul!!!! I saw one of those /15 Luck Autos on the bay...pretty penny. Congrats!
(11-16-2012, 07:41 PM)LonghornMike311 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice haul!!!! I saw one of those /15 Luck Autos on the bay...pretty penny. Congrats!
thanks the luck is as high as /50 ive heard.the manning is /15 though

Nice hits, I like those Dwayne Allen redemptions!
are the Morris's for trade if so can you check me for them
If u are trading gonzo check me. Thanks
will check and reply to all this evening when i have a second or 2Smile
with no links guys to some kind of bucket im not sure how to look for trade requests.i know they have "org" here but honestly it takes WAY too long to even come up.i collect chargers first and foremost.stars,vets etc.
also BECKETT the reason i barely come here or post here is youre format and site are takes forever for any page to load,tried like 9 avatars,nothings worked.You really need to work on youre runs as slow as it did when i originally joined,what we call in the electronics world a "beta" test.I like it here but i dont have alot of time for everything to constantly lag on loading/uploading.