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Full Version: Best shipping methods
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I was just wondering what everyone has found as cheap methods of shipping. I have been taking all my cards down the to post office and paying 1.95 for up to 3 ounces. Does anyone have a cheaper/faster/alternative method that they prefer?
paypal shipping. delivery confirmation is free, and a package p to 3 ounces costs 1.64 (with free dc)
I agree with, jacobystealshome.

Best method.. ship via ebay/paypal label.... you charge buyer $1.95-2.00, then only pay $1.65...

Recommend keeping a journal or notebook of what you put inside the package (meaning, thickness of card, what type of case, how many cards).. because multiple/combined shipping can cost extra..

for me, I ship all my cards in bubble mailers (size #000 4x7.25 / brand is I buy them from my local dollar store or discount store 5 for a $0.99. I stock up on bubble-mailers & packing tape, which I buy for a $0.99 each. Can't beat the price... way better than buying packing tape at your local post office for $3.49 each...

No buyer should complain paining $2.00 for domestic shipping within USA... overseas shipping can be a little different. I usually let ebay/paypal figure out the shipping depending on buyer's location... if it is a combined shipping, I charge $5.00 flat rate.

I been selling 30-50 items a month for the last 4 months... first time I have sold in bulk, but want to take advantage of ebay's free listing policy of 500 items... it is hard, because I am scared about listing items for .99 without a reserve... which would cost more.. I believe my prices are reasonable, some buyers email me & ask for a lower price or buy now price, which 75% of the time, I have worked a deal..

good luck with your selling/trading...
Can I use paypal shipping when I am trading here on Beckett? I have never tried that before, but I am also a little computer stupid.

I have just started selling on eBay but I just don't have access to a lot of cards so my selling is very limited.

Thanks for the tips. I do appreciate it!