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Full Version: 3 Blasters and 2 Rack Packs of Chrome
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I've been real happy so far. I have a ton more Refractors and reprints and what not but, figured I'd share some of the better stuff and sorry my scanner is down. I love the LeGrand I think I'm going to try to get all the Refractors. RG3 is a Refractor and the Childs is a on card auto, wish it was someone else but, I still love getting an auto from a blaster! as always thanks for looking!

[Image: 2DBFE54E-DACD-4CF8-A532-748DF73CF4AE-368...8C3205.jpg]

[Image: 1D4AD8CD-CE9A-4908-A427-16254CF26CEA-368...48E1FB.jpg]

[Image: 5B94135D-CC79-4570-864F-75A032EC3BC5-368...7A9A72.jpg]

[Image: 1F0DDC4E-0ED6-444B-B31F-110071E98935-368...54BB0F.jpg]
Nice bunch there and way better than my blaster!
Some sweet stuff, would love the Blackmon if you are trading.
Thanks guys! Megaton ill add the Blackmon and send an offer over then.
nice auto
i'll trade for the childs auto
please cmb