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Full Version: Lots added to trade
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So I've decided to trade off all my Jordans, Lebrons, Kobe, Shaqs and other superstars jerseys and inserts. Check my organize if you are interested. Some of the higher end stuff is going to be sold but there are still over 500 cards of these players and a few other jersey cards.

If possible I'd like to get HOF autos and I know this might be difficult but hey we can probably work something out.

[Image: KING_GU.jpg]

[Image: DREXLER_GU_1.jpg]


[Image: STOCKTON_GU_1.jpg]

[Image: ROBINSON_D_GU_1.jpg]

[Image: STOCKTON_GU_2.jpg]

[Image: ANTHONY_GU_3.jpg]

[Image: ANTHONY_GU_4.jpg]

[Image: NOWITZKI_GU_4.jpg]

[Image: Howard_GU_2.jpg]

[Image: C_ANTHONY_GU.jpg]

[Image: H_OLAJUWON_GU.jpg]

[Image: Nowitzki.jpg]
This Nowitzki jersey does not look anything like this. I have no idea what happened in the scan. It is a bright green not a dull green. Sorry.

[Image: ANTHONY_GU_1.jpg]

[Image: ANTHONY_GU_2.jpg]

[Image: HOWARD_GU_1.jpg]

[Image: KIDD_GU_1.jpg]

[Image: MALONE_GU_1.jpg]

[Image: MCGRADY_GU_1.jpg]

[Image: NOWITZKI_GU_1.jpg]
[Image: NOWITZKI_GU_2.jpg]

[Image: PAUL_GU_1.jpg]

[Image: SHAQ_GU_1.jpg]

[Image: SHAQ_GU_2.jpg]

[Image: SHAQ_GU_3.jpg]

[Image: SHAQ_GU_4.jpg]

[Image: SHAQ_GU_5.jpg]

[Image: STOUDEMIRE_GU_1.jpg]

[Image: STOUDEMIRE_GU_2.jpg]

[Image: WADE_GU_1.jpg]

[Image: Johnson_Paul.jpg]

[Image: ABDUL_JABBAR_GU.jpg]

[Image: BARKLEY_GU.jpg]