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Full Version: Non Basketball Collector Needs Help
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I found a bunch of 1998 Collector's Edge Impulse basketball that I bought back in 98. Are these worth anything? I found several Kobe's....don't want to get the book values from someone, just want to know if they are worth keeping/trading. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
I guess since I rec'd no replies that these are worthless. I figured they were, just thought I would ask. Thanks for the help everyone......
I didn't look them up & not familiar with those cards.. only collected briefly during that period of time..

I'd recommend checking ebay or comc (google the name for site)... both are good sources to see what cards are being sold for within last 30 days... Good luck finding your answer...

If you have any inserts, somebody might be interested in them from the Beckett Basketball Forums..
The Kobe's are of small value. The rest are not. There are several parallels in that set, and if they are of Kobe then you might be looking at a couple bucks. Hope that helps.