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Full Version: Anthony Davis Keeps Haunting My Breaks, So I WTTF Kyrie Irving!
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OK, so some of you may remember I pulled an Anthony Davis auto out of retail Prestige a few weeks back.

Well, I was in the LCS to, ahem, get some supplies yesterday, and happened to grab a couple of boxes of Threads.

I pulled this in the second box:

[Image: AnthonyFront.jpg]

[Image: AnthonyBack.jpg]

What I'd like to do is trade this one for the Kyrie Irving from the same set. I would also take a Kyrie out of Prestige ... the sticker/on-card thing doesn't matter too much to me.

Anyway, if you are interested, please PM with scans of your Kyrie. Thanks! RJ

Friday bump! Need Kyrie for the Unibrow!
Veterans Day bump! Thank you to all our brave servicemen and women, past, present and future!