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Full Version: FT- 2011 Allen and Ginter Albert Pujols Framed auto
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Just got this in the mail from Topps today. For some reason it does not have a Book value so I am basing the trade value of $350-400 off of other Pujols autos from 2011. I am figuring that it is somewhat limited which is why there is no BV.

I am looking to bolster my PC with this card. I like Pujols but I like other people more and this would be a way to get some nice pieces. A piece of the trade needs to be an auto of one of the following:
Strasburg, Stephen Curry, Bryce Harper, or Tom Brady. Basically, I need something sick in return.
Too bad you don't need a darvish or a Hamilton /10
Yeah, neither of them are PC guys for me but thank you.
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