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Full Version: Last trade for awhile, limited collecting for me.
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I have finalized all trades and canceled the ones that were pending, limiting myself to Goldschmidt, Kennedy, Miley and key sets and cards I would like for my pc. Too much time spent on it and need to focus on real life issues. I'm going to be throwing everything up on the bay so if you want something let me know I will sell anything in org, just let me know what you want so I can mark fs. Thanks to everyone and happy holidays!
LMK what you have in the way of Verlanders.
Hope all is ok.

It sucks to see another great trader have to walk away for awhile. It's understandable. Hope you can focus your hobby time and still stay in touch. It's been great trading with you.
Ryan, I'm grateful I was able to trade with you before your hiatus. Absolutely one of the best and most fun trades I've made on Beckett! Good luck to you & please look me up when you return. "Real life" isn't very pleasant sometimes...I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. Take Care & Be Well, my friend. -Jason
Boy they are dropping like flies around here. Thanks for the trades Ryan. You are one of the good ones. I think walking away is a pretty good idea sometimes. I will be doing it as soon as I receive the last of my open trades too. Need a break until 2013 Topps comes out. Best of luck to you and your family and Happy Holidays.
Thanks guys! I will still be around for sure just gonna limit the trading some, I was just trading to trade for awhile there. I figure I will focus more on my pc guys and sets i wanna complete and leave it at that for awhile. Your all class acts and great trade partners! I'm not going anywhere but may only do a trade a week or so for the time being.
my cpu was in the out of commision for about 10 days. i know before that happen you talked about opening up your griffeys pc to see if i needed anything out of it. i was wondering if you had a chance to do that? glad to hear that your still sticking arounf