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Full Version: My latest and greatest 90's MJs
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These are my Top Five... For now anyways.

Michael Jordan 1986 Rookie Card:
[Image: 2012-10-2620-49page6_zps241da277.jpg]

Michael Jordan 1996 E-X2000 A Cut Above:
[Image: photo2_zpsdfcc6094.jpg]

Michael Jordan 1997 Flair Showcase Hot Shots:
[Image: photo1_zpsb50f6acc.jpg]

Michael Jordan 1998 E-X Century Dunk 'N Go Nuts:
[Image: 2012-10-2620-49page10_zps44302a9a.jpg]

Michael Jordan 1998 Skybox Thunder Noyz Boyz:
[Image: 2012-10-2620-49page8_zps9b41ea18.jpg]
+ 1 ^ yup, SICK cards and grades.

That Noyz Boyz would be my 2nd favSmile Love that one.
Beautiful cards! My favorite has to be that Fleer RC! Those subs are simply amazing & Jordan Rc's with those kinda subs can only increase in value over the years! All beauties!
Ballin. Especially love the ones that showcase his kicks too. Nice cards