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Full Version: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Press Pass Authentics Card
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I have a 2001 Dale Jr. Press Pass premium authentics race-used fire suit FD0 card. It is #31 out of 100 made. Could anyone give me an estimate of what this card could possibly be worth?
Sorry but we cant discuss book values on the message boards. You can purchase a 6.00 credit for the opg and either use it for a month of all the racing or its cheaper for one card or even one driver pricing.

However i think the minimum is 6.00
You can purchase a 1-card pricing subscription for 50 cents, but you will still have to add $6.00 into your Beckett account. That is the minimum value they will add to your account, but I think all single card subscriptions last for one month.
That is about the only way you can see pricing for any card with a serial number above 25. Just guessing from my own knowledge of the hobby, it would be a pretty valuable card. Less than triple digit value, but at least half of that. JMO though.
You can also check ebay and amazon and see what they are going for on there.