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Full Version: Recovering from surgery.......... Lets Trade
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Well I had surgery last friday (10/19), five days ago, and I am getting stir crazy not being able to do anything. In a couple days I will be able to hobble around with crutches. So, I want to get as many trades as I can possibly do in the next few day, hoping to keep my sanity.

Please check my organize.

Looking for: Brett Hull, Dallas Stars, pre-1990 rookies, or anything that catches my eye (possibly just new bait).

Hey i hear you! Do you feel like a house cat yet? I spent 6 of the last 7 weeks in a wheel chair after having my Achilles tendon re-attached. When you get to walk trust me it feels like freedom! Ill check your org maybe we can get a trade going, cheers.
Check my org. I don't think I have anything you want, but do a quick search and see what you can find.
anybody else??