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Full Version: Negative feedback
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Received a negative feedback on a positive comments from newf66. (Probably forgot the stars).Try to contact member but his email is not available. Is there a way to correct this? Thanks.
Hey Pierre.

It's best to send him a Private Message instead of an e-mail. Most members do not make their e-mail addy public, so you can't send them one. In order to send a PM you need to search the person's name in the search link at the top of the page (or just click the link is just posted Tongue) under username. It will come up with all of the posts that they have made on the boards. From there you can find their post and click on the PM button below their Signature. Either that, or you can click on their username and hit the "send a private message" link. Here is a link to newf66's user ID Profile page. Hit the send PM link and you will be all good. Hope that this helps!

Best wishes!

Thanks Randi... By the way my name is Andy, not Pierre. I know he use the same avatar.
(10-24-2012, 04:43 PM)funny1 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks Randi... By the way my name is Andy, not Pierre. I know he use the same avatar.
You are welcome... and thank YOU for publicly making me look like a fool. Wait... did I just do that to myself? Haha! Sorry about that, Andy.

Randi (HEY!!! Our names rhyme!)
Your a fool Randi LOL cards goin out tom by the way sorry for the delay been swamped working for Uncle Sam
i to have had this happen to me, both times i received "negative" feedback were by mistake. Messages have been sent to Mods but still nothing has been corrected. Both time i immediatley contacted the members who left the feedback to ensure nothing was wrong with the trade. Both of them said it was perfect and that the stars went away when they hit the "leave feedback" button