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Full Version: Hobby Room Pics & Buckeye Pick Ups
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Purchase a house in June and finally added some stuff to my hobby room.

Wall display 6 ft x 3 ft
[Image: IMAG0350_zps291b3448.jpg]

Display Case (Need to purchase some card holders to fill this up)
[Image: IMAG0310_zpsaa2f1bca.jpg]

Krenzel Pick Ups
Foundations 36/100 1st
Contenders Preview Auto 19/25 3rd
Limited Spotlight 20/50 1st
UD Finite 9/15 1st
Reflections Red 40/100 1st
[Image: File_zpsb570c55b.jpg]

Krenzel Tri-Star
2011 Signa Cuts 6/25 1st (Beganl’s Jersey #)
2012 Signa Cuts 5/5 1st
2012 Signa Cuts 6/10 1st (Bengal’s Jersey #)
2012 Signa Cuts 10/10 2nd
2012 Signa Cuts 17/25 1st
[Image: File1_zpsaac06ea6.jpg]

BJ Mullens All New Pick Ups
Adrenalyn RC
Certified NBA Patch /25
UD Jordan Patch
11/12 Hoops Base, Glossy, Artists Proof, Auto
[Image: File5_zpse057e9ca.jpg]

Michael Willey
2000 Certified Die Cut 210/1000 1st
2000 Elite Die Cut 95/2000 1st
2000 e-X 948/1500 1st
2000 SPA 933/1250 3rd
2000 Limited Football 496/1000 1st
2000 Limited Leather & Lace 8/25 & 23/25 1st & 2nd
[Image: File6_zpsb4b99ed2.jpg]

Joe Gemaine
99 e-X 19/85 1st
99 SPA 1454/1999 2nd
99 Fury Millennium Collection 1st
99 Prism 44/80 1st Got this one from Sliq on ebay
99 Absolute 1/100 1st
[Image: File7_zpsab54730c.jpg]

Other Buckeye Stuff
Kosta Koufos BC RC Auto 1st
Bobby Carpenter 06 BC Gold Refractor 20/50 1st
Antonio Pittman 06 GG Pull Out Auto 92/100 1st
[Image: File4_zpse535e8f8.jpg]

Some oddball pick ups. Thought about completing them
95 Excalibur 22k Gold Shield Prisms /250
Dilfer, Rhett, Allen, Cunningham, Langham, Taylor, Coates, Garner, Means
[Image: File2_zps9d7188e1.jpg]

1997 e-X2000 Essential Credentials /100
Dilfer, Humphries, Testaverde
[Image: File3_zpsbf578a41.jpg]
dig those displays, very awesome Smile
Awesome pickups! Really like the Wiley ball additions!
Indiana gave us quite a scare Saturday, thank God for Kenny Guiton.
Very nice cards! And cool displays
That wall display is so great looking.