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Full Version: I'm looking for a Earnhardt Sr. certified auto
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I'm a Earnhardt collector and I'm always interested in certified autos of Sr. or Jr. I have many autos for trade in all sports including Nascar and I also have many diecast if you are a collector of diecast. The auto must be certified if it a track sign must be certified by a major company thanks.
Good luck! They don't show up on here too often. Seems like most that do show up are snatched quickly or are from someone posting it just to show it off.
I have an Earnhardt Sr. AU'd picture ( I think it's a 4x6 ), but I have no idea if it's real or not. It was given to me, but I just don't know if it's legit. I don't have the money to send it in for certification AND I'm not sure how much I can trust JSA and PSA after all the negative press about them in the past year or so.
Anyway, GL on your search!!!
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