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Full Version: Video of my legendary players basketball collection
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It's taken me nearly $10,000 but I've finally put together a basketball card collection that I'm happy with, so I think I'll close my wallet for a few months at least and just enjoy what I've got. I put together this video to showcase my collection which features autographs, game used and vintage cards of players ranging from Hank Luisetti, Joe Fulks, Maurice Stokes and Bill Russell to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

In other words, its a snapshot of basketball history.
wow, that was entertaining. some very sexy cards you got there buddy
now that is simply inspiring...
well done!
You know...with the millions of things people have going on in their busy lives; to ask them to take 4 minutes out of that busy life is asking too much, kiddingSmile

I watched itSmile

Sick cards my friend. Not a big Isiah Thomas fan, but that auto patch card was cool lookin. Think my fav was the J. Erv autoed card with him in the ABA All Star uni holding the ABA ball sky high gliding for the dunk.
They were all sweet. Only saw two MJ's, that's surprising especially when spending that much $. I noticed you tried going for at least an auto and jersey card for each player. Some of the players have just of each.
Good job Will. I know what you mean when you decide to take a break. This is a very expensive hobby.
(10-21-2012, 10:05 AM)kenarm79 Wrote: [ -> ]Good job Will. I know what you mean when you decide to take a break. This is a very expensive hobby.


I've been there a few times...
Love the collection!! I'm in the middle of watching it right now.. down to the last minute or so... just pure awesomeness!!

$10,000 is a lot of money!! but if you think you spent that over a few years.. it would not hurt the wallet that much, I hope..

For the younger or new collectors... remember, buying sports cards using a credit card is not worth it.. you'll be paying way over your limit.. once that interest kicks in. Trust me. I did that once & took me almost a year to pay it off.. including high APR, until I talked the bank into lowering it... which took about 4 months to get it lower.. .. all because I missed one payment & didn't realize they increased my APR to the max..

collecting cards takes time... completing sets takes times... it is the fun in the chase & the pride in seeing the final production once finished!!

Will, I subscribed to your youtube... will be looking for more videos in the future..

take a break, but keep your eyes on those cheap cards!!
Thanks guys, I really appreciate the comments.

I regret mentioning the value of my collection - it's irrelevant to me, since I collect for the love of the cards not the investment. But I calculated how much I'd spent and thought I'd mention it, but shouldn't have done.

I take a lot of pride on my collection. Collecting cards is such a fun hobby - I'm totally obsessed with the sport (particularly its history), and this is a great way to tap into that history.

Thanks to those of you that subscribed and commented on YouTube. Maybe I'll do a better HD video in the near future.
Very sick collection! I'm sure it's not possible but if you ever want to part with the Andy Phillip or Hank Luisetti please let me know. Absolutely beautiful collection!
Good job, I enjoyed the tour. The collection looks great. Do you keep it out on display, or do you store them within reach to view when needed? Also, do you have a new project in mind for the near future?
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