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Full Version: Neil patches and starting a Zack Smith PC
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I've picked up quite a few Neil patches in the past month and I'm deciding to show all of them, so sorry if there's some reposts! [Image: IMG_1860.jpg] [Image: IMG_1873.jpg] [Image: IMG_1876.jpg] [Image: IMG_1877.jpg] [Image: IMG_1871.jpg]
I've also decided to start a Zack Smith PC, since Neil isn't getting any younger I figured I'd get started on sens future enforcer! [Image: IMG_1866.jpg] [Image: IMG_1869.jpg] [Image: IMG_1819.jpg] thanks for the look!
May be some re-posts, but great patches none-the-less. I don't mind checking out sick cards more than once! Haha! Thanks for the show and congrats on the great pick-ups!

Some very nice cards, thanks for the look.