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Full Version: A few older model Ron Hextall cards
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I had been watching this 1/1 card for years after I lost it and it popped up on eBay. I am so glad I managed to snag it (finally).

2006-07 Upper Deck SP Game Used By The Letters Ron Hextall 1/1 (BL-RH)
[Image: 2006-07UpperDeckSPGameUsedByTheLettersRo...1BL-RH.jpg]

Another card that took forever to find

2010-11 OPC Blank Back
[Image: 2010-11OPCBlankBack.jpg]

A very nice 1/1 redemption that I was lucky enough to stumble across.

2010-11 Panini Dominion Pen Pals Triple Hextall-Parent-Bobrovsky #5 – Black 1/1 (1 front)
[Image: 2010-11PaniniDominionPenPalsTripleHextal...1front.jpg]

[Image: 2010-11PaniniDominionPenPalsTripleHextal...12back.jpg]

A Dominion Printing Plate. I have 3 of the 4, looking for the red plate.

2010-11 Panini Dominion Printing Plate Blue - 1-/1
[Image: 2010-11PaniniDominionPrintingPlateBlue-1-1.jpg]

This 1/1 might be a re-post, but I really really like it.

2010-11 In The Game Between The Pipes Jumbo Glove 1/1 (#JG-17)
[Image: 2010-11InTheGameBetweenThePipesJumboGlove1-1JG-17-1.jpg]
That is a sweet pen pals card. Too bad its a 1/1 cause i'd love to own something sweet like that.

And i Do love ITG. The more and more i see of them, The more and more i wish i'd get into collecting them
Very nice collection and good luck finding that red plate my friend
Nice 1/1 pick ups. Are you going to try for all the 1/1 nameplates?
Very nice pick ups! Congrats on the huge PC adds!

Very nice cards, those bring back memories of the mid 70's
I have found it unwise to pursue any 1/1 cards with too much abandon. It always seems to backfire on me. When I find them by chance and don't get into a bidding war, I seem to do okay. Of course, form time to time, I do get into a bidding war. Win some, lose some. I would love to try and get the 1/1 nameplates, but I won't hold my breath.