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Full Version: More Mail Madness part 2
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Well all it is time to go back down under for work soon so here are some goodies that arrived recently.First i would like to apply a 3 stooges back hand slap to Canada-USA postal services for their very poor efforts shipping cross border.
This years Cup has been hard to purchase in the quantities i would have wanted to buy , so i have bought more singles then usual.I did open some but i am not going to post my breaks , if you want PM me and i will supply you a link to them.
I collect gold rainbow rookies each year and a few players as well.This year i am collecting Landescog , Connolly and Couturier.My Landeskog redemption Que is quite lengthy Cup rookie /99 , gold rainbow rookie /92 X 2 , draft board , emblems of endorsements , autograph rookie gear booklet /25 and Hopkins / Landeskog dual scripted swatch /15.
I am still looking for a few more Landy Cup redemption's Ovechkin tribute /5 , limited logos /50 , scripted swatch /35 and maybe the dual scripted swatch Hopkins / Landescog /35 and maybe another Cup rookie /99.
Enough rambling on with the show.Enjoy the view.

Lets start with a non hockey card. this is for my brothers birthday surprise , this golfer has not had a signed card until now (that i know of ) It is my brothers favorite golfer so i hope he likes "The Big Easy"

[Image: ernieels.jpg]

Well a mail post needs at least one Hedman

[Image: hedman2.jpg]

Next Wednesday was trading night at Maple Leaf Sports here in Calgary and was able to make some trades. A big shout out out to all of those i traded with that brought these cards my way.

[Image: goaliesoneofone.jpg]

[Image: iggyandhorack.jpg]

[Image: iggysigpatch.jpg]

[Image: iggyfoundations.jpg]

[Image: connollysigpatch.jpg]

I don't have a Paninni redemption account so not sure what to do with these 2 cards , would like to redeem the Landy but Voynov not sure.

[Image: voynovgolddominion.jpg]

[Image: landeskoggolddominion.jpg]

[Image: zibanajadgoldrainbow.jpg]

[Image: readultimate.jpg]

This card was one the cards in my only negative dealings in the hobby where i have been burned for $$$ on a high end deal.

[Image: yzermanhn.jpg]
Next a few random ebay pick ups

[Image: connolly249.jpg]

[Image: seguinsigpatch.jpg]

[Image: Nugelimitedlogos.jpg]

[Image: connollylimitedlogos2.jpg]

Then i would like to thank Brian (cfind) for the next 2 cards
Just waiting for the gold rainbow /14 to complete my Connolly Cup rainbow.

[Image: connollyplatinum.jpg]

[Image: connollyblack.jpg]

Now let us do some gold rainbows one of my favorite sets.

First a big thank you to Patrick for this 58/58 gold rainbow

[Image: savardgold.jpg]

[Image: palushajgoldrainbow.jpg]

[Image: erixsongoldrainbow.jpg]

A big thank you to Luc for this sweet Leblanc

[Image: leblancgoldrainbow.jpg]
[Image: ellisgoldrainbow.jpg]

[Image: frattingoldrainbow.jpg]

A big thank you to Mel for this sweet Colborne

[Image: colbornegoldrainbow.jpg]

[Image: faulkgoldrainbow.jpg]

[Image: holmstromgoldrainbow.jpg]

[Image: meilegoldrainbow.jpg]

A big shout out to Cole for this sweet Bulmer

[Image: bulmergoldrainbow.jpg]

[Image: johansengoldrainbow.jpg]

[Image: atkinsongoldrainbow.jpg]
This year i also decided to do the six Cup rookies /99 as what i consider a set from the Cup. Hodgson and Landeskog are in my redemption Que and here are the others.

[Image: leblancrookie99.jpg]

[Image: Cooter99.jpg]

I showed this one before it is part of the 6 for my set

[Image: Nugerookie99.jpg]

Well for a finish hard to beat the awesome patch oh this Scheifele

[Image: Scheifele99.jpg]

Hoped you enjoyed the view. As always comments are welcomed.Cheers Joel.
Wow, those are some sweet cards. Thanks for showing. I enjoyed the show.
That generations gold is sick!
those look amazing! congrats!