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Post your TOP 5 Ungraded and Graded cards that you've owned in the past or currently do.

I'll go first.


1. 1997-98 Metal Universe PRECIOUS METAL GEMS Ruby Michael Jordan

[Image: 1997-98MetalUniversePRECIOUSMETALGEMSRub...0Front.jpg]

[Image: 1997-98MetalUniversePRECIOUSMETALGEMSRub...90Rear.jpg]

2. 1998-99 Metal Universe PRECIOUS METAL GEMS Michael Jordan

[Image: 1998-99MetalPRECIOUSMETALGEMSMichaelJord...0Front.jpg]

[Image: 1998-99MetalPRECIOUSMETALGEMSMichaelJordan9of50Rear.jpg]

3. 1998-99 Fleer PLAYMAKERS THEATRE Michael Jordan

[Image: 1998-99FleerPlaymakersTheatreMichaelJord...0Front.jpg]

[Image: 1998-99FleerPlaymakersTheatreMichaelJord...00Rear.jpg]

4. 1998-99 Hoops SLAM BAMS Michael Jordan

[Image: 1998-99HoopsSLAMBAMSMichaelJordan64of100Front.jpg]

[Image: 1998-99HoopsSLAMBAMSMichaelJordan64of100Rear.jpg]

5. 1996-97 Flair LEGACY Row 0 Michael Jordan

[Image: 1996-97FlairShowcaseLegacyRow0MichaelJor...0Front.jpg]

[Image: 1996-97FlairShowcaseLegacyRow0MichaelJor...50Rear.jpg]

Top 5 Graded cards below in Post #10.
you win... I always love looking at your collection..

My favorite set is Ultimate Signatures 2006-07

favorite cards... besides my Elite Black Box Lakers autos in my sig... used to have a E-X Credentials Kobe, which I loved.. but sold it earlier this year for 4X BV...

1) [Image: jambalaya_front.jpg][Image: jambalaya_back.jpg]
2) Exquisite 2007-08 Lebron auto box #6/23 (not really one card, but was a cool set. Sold it last year)
[Image: exquisite_lebron_auto_box.jpg]

3) [Image: courtkings_blakegriffin_635-649.jpg]

4) [Image: hotprospect_ROSE_054-199.jpg]

5) [Image: UP-BLACK_KOBE_14-25.jpg]

Whoa, rare23air83, those are hard to top! Kinda why I decided to just focus my MJ Collection to autos, couldn't afford any if not most of those! Here are mine Top 5ish!

[Image: 08-09FleerMJBuyBacksBB1F.jpg]
[Image: 98-99UDMJordanGameJerseyAutoSPx-GJF.jpg]
[Image: 96-97UD3CourtCommAutoC1F.jpg]
[Image: 07-08ExquisEnshrinF.jpg]
[Image: 09-10EquisiteBuybackF.jpg]
[Image: Untitled-6.jpg]
[Image: 97-98PMGEmerald59.jpg]
[Image: 98-99PMG106.jpg]
Yeah, my stuff is not even close to the value of those cards, but here's my humble contribution:

1) 2007-08 Topps Letterman Booklet Autographs #DR Dennis Rodman #01/19
[Image: 6791129f.jpg]

2) 2007-08 Bowman Chronology Refractors #DRO Dennis Rodman JSY AU #01/10
[Image: 6518093f.jpg]

3) 2012 Folk's Customs Rik Smits TTM auto
[Image: escanear0270.jpg]

4) 2007-08 Topps Mini Exclusives Autographs #MEDR Dennis Rodman
[Image: 6140033f.jpg]

5) 2007-08 Topps Triple Threads Relics Autographs #72 Dennis Rodman Defense #4/9
[Image: 6375572f.jpg] know this isn't even fair, almost embarrassing if u ask me. How many of those do u still have? If I remember correctly, you sold some of them.

Hot...those MJ autos are SICK my friend.
WOW! Incedible cards so far.

Even thought I cant compete with the cards that have been posted so far, here's my humble little stash Smile

Alonzo Mourning - Exquisite 3 Color Patch Auto 1/50
#d 1/50

Garnett/Howard/Mutumbo/Shaq Quad Patch /5

John Wooden Auto /40

Jordan / Chamberlain Dual Patch 02 SPX

Kobe Bryant - 03 UD Glass Auto /50

Larry Bird - 04 Exquisite Patch Auto /50

Magic Johnson - 08 Exquisite Quad Jersey Auto 1/10
#d 1/10

Michael Jordan - 97 BB Atomic Refractor

All 9.5 subs
[Image: de0de127.jpg]
[Image: bc6e15e7.jpg]
[Image: cad8e50b.jpg]
[Image: 15E07A67-DB32-4715-BEA2-1564A1FB3522-141...7FF1B8.jpg]
[Image: 4a1580dd.jpg]

[Image: 19176553.jpg]
[Image: e6bfb599.jpg]
[Image: dfb1db81.jpg]

[Image: 45e700f8.jpg]
[Image: 3e67c538.jpg]

WOW! Those are all some AWESOME cards. Keep em coming! Love it.

For some reason, my first post didn't include my Top 5 Graded cards so here they are.


1. 1997-98 Finest GOLD EMBOSSED REFRACTOR Michael Jordan BGS 9.5+

[Image: 1997-98FinestGOLDEMBOSSEDREFRACTORMichae...5Front.jpg]

[Image: 1997-98FinestGOLDEMBOSSEDREFRACTORMichae...95Rear.jpg]

2. 1995-96 Finest Mystery ORANGE BORDERED TEST REFRACTOR Michael Jordan BGS 9.5

[Image: 1995-96FinestMysteryORANGEBorderedTESTRe...JBGS95.jpg]

[Image: 1995-96%20Finest%20Mystery%20ORANGE%20Bo...7ad2c2.jpg]

3. 1986-87 Fleer #57 Michael Jordan RC BGS 9.5+

[Image: 1986-87Fleer57MichaelJordanRCBGS95Front.jpg]

4. 1997-98 E-X2001 JAMBALAYA Michael Jordan BGS 9.5+

[Image: 1997-98E-X2001JambalayaMichaelJordanBGS95.jpg]

5. 1997-98 Finest SILVER EMBOSSED REFRACTOR Michael Jordan BGS 9.5+

[Image: 1997-98FinestSILVEREMBOSSEDREFRACTORMJ26...5Front.jpg]

[Image: 1997-98FinestSILVEREMBOSSEDREFRACTORMJ26...95Rear.jpg]

Looking forward to seeing your guys' Top 5's.
Some sick cards guys...
HTOWN, would love to see a photobucket of your collection???
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