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Full Version: BGS Lost My Order
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So I sent in 56 cards to be graded by BGS at the 20 day service level. I checked the USPS delivery/signature confirmation and it shows that they received my order on October 19, 2012. Today is the 21st business day. I did not get an order received email. My credit card has not been charged. I checked my Beckett online account and it does not show up under my grading orders? I called the customer service rep and she said the accounting department is looking for my order and they cant seem to find it. How is this possible? I have sent in several grading orders and somtimes you get updates and somtimes you don't. I am completely freaking out over the thousands of dollars of cards that are missing. Order should be checked in to BGS system as soon as they arrive and order received emails should be sent out immediately. I have called the BGS manager Jeremy and left a message and heard nothing in return. I emailed Joe Clemons at BGS and have not heard anything back. Anyone have any suggestions? BGS is no closed for the day which means tomorrow is the 22 business and counting. Please Help!!!