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Good day, Beckett Community!

I have been truly honored by the graciousness of the members of this very fine community lately! It seems that every trade I make people are sending me extra cards to go along with the traders that I have traded for. I am thoroughly beside myself with the generosity of you guys! Tyson (wickabee... though he was a jerk about it! Hehe! Tongue), Hugh (pens fan addict, Christian (christianr), Walt (pens1fan), Nate (dragik), Marc (heaterhabs), Gary (leadmetogreatness) and Benny have all contributed to my one PC or another that I am working on in the past couple of weeks!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, GUYS!!! You are all amazing traders and people and I am very glad that I have met you, albeit online. Haha!

So without further adieu, here are the trades and gifts that I have received in the past little while:


[Image: 011.jpg][Image: 012.jpg][Image: 013.jpg][Image: 016.jpg][Image: 015.jpg][Image: 014.jpg]

Rookie Card PC

[Image: 017.jpg][Image: 018.jpg][Image: 019.jpg][Image: 020.jpg][Image: 021.jpg][Image: 022-1.jpg][Image: 023.jpg][Image: 024.jpg][Image: 025.jpg][Image: 026.jpg]

[Image: 027.jpg][Image: 028.jpg][Image: 029.jpg][Image: 030.jpg][Image: 031.jpg][Image: 032.jpg][Image: 033.jpg][Image: 034.jpg][Image: 035.jpg][Image: 036.jpg]

[Image: 037.jpg][Image: 038.jpg][Image: 039.jpg][Image: 040.jpg][Image: 041.jpg][Image: 042.jpg][Image: 043.jpg][Image: 044.jpg][Image: 045.jpg][Image: 046.jpg]

[Image: 047.jpg][Image: 048.jpg][Image: 049.jpg][Image: 050.jpg][Image: 051.jpg][Image: 052.jpg][Image: 053.jpg][Image: 054.jpg][Image: 055.jpg][Image: 056.jpg]

[Image: 057.jpg][Image: 058.jpg][Image: 059.jpg][Image: 060.jpg][Image: 061.jpg][Image: 062.jpg]

Staal Brothers PC

[Image: 063.jpg][Image: 064.jpg][Image: 065.jpg][Image: 066.jpg]

Jaroslav Halak PC

[Image: 067.jpg][Image: 068.jpg]

Now that's what I call a great couple of weeks' worth of mail! I can't thank you guys enough for the fantastic trades and gifts! It really means a lot to me and I hope that I can pay it forward soon!

Best wishes, Beckett Community!

Sweet cards Randi
Nice stuff
Don't pay it forward, pay it back, jerk!

Seriously, like I sadi, I already owed you something, so there is is. Enjoy.

Also, I've often wondered why Shane Doan's RC has his grade 12 yearbook picture...
That fleury and robitaille, Oy. Great cards!
gorgeous stuff randi! Hey bro, IK you collect vintage RCs drop me a PM with some specs of what you're looking for, cause you have a package heeading your way!
IO have no experience in trading yet but a not long this being days actually after joinging I had a post about Canuck cards. I was looking for a list of players that had ben done Canuck cards. ok so not only did I get help with that but someone offered to send me some Canuck cards. Ok so with me being new and all I was rether surprised and I appreciated the offer but it toke me a day to accept. maybe just thinking that it was almost perhaps to good to be true. but than I realized how genuine the members are. Ok to my buddy down in Australia I definatly trust peopole so no offense but you can imagine someone just joining and sudenly having someone want to send you stuff. kind of like WOW thats so cool takes a day to take it all in and stuff.

However I also a few days before joining gave a bunch of hockey cars and some baseball card to some some friends and family so the whole pay it forward thing just became so real I am often giving toys or cards away to family and friends that Ido not need. and a few times I got stuff back and the whole pay it forward thing is tto me down just to help other the thanks is a simple thank you you dodnt really expect anything in return

very nice beckett community, that's what makes this such a great place
Great stuff Randi! Nice, that the cards made their way to Canada. It´s a pleasure for all of us helping you out with your Vintage RC collection.
WOW Randi that's a ton of nice vintage!!! Glad I could be of help to you as you have always been so kind as to help me. That's what friends are for. Congrats on all the nice pickups!!!
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