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Full Version: Surgery on Friday.......
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After telling you I had problems with rolling my ankle (several times), I went to the doctor a few weeks ago. I am going to have reconstructive ankle surgery on friday (10/19). Surgeon is going to replace at least three ligaments that were connected to my ankle, and he needs to resurface the chipped bone. Doctor says at LEAST 6-8 week recovery.

I want to try and get as many trades as possible today and tomorrow.
Good luck man I hope all goes smoothly
I have the same problem with my right ankle, it's been broken 3 times and about 3 weeks ago I tore a ligament in it. I feel your pain. Good luck with the surgery.
Ouch! I don't know ankles, but it sounds like you have some bad times ahead. I hope that you have a quick recovery and that you can get back into the game soon. Best wishes, Brian!

Sounds like a good time to trade as you won't have a leg to stand on! Good luck with recovery.
Good Luck with the Surgery ......Hopefully it'll do the trick and you'll have no further issues with it in the future! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!
good luck !
Thanks for all the well wishes!!!!
Good luck mate. I got my ankle messed up when I was a teenager, got ran over by a car and crushed it pretty good. Hope your recovery is quick!
Best of luck with the surgery, I hope you get well soon!
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